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About cleanroom wiper you need to know

About cleanroom wiper you need to know

09 Dec 2022

- Materials

Wiper fabrics are made from synthetics, natural materials, or a combination of the two. It is important to choose the correct materials for your wipers in order to ensure your cleanroom is compliant with regulations.

These are constructed similarly to polyester but are much 

- Polyester

These can be single- or double-knit and double- or multi-layered. They can also be tubular or hemmed. They’re the best when it comes to cleanliness and are decent at absorbing solvents and resisting chemicals. They aren’t very durable, however, and don’t absorb water or resist heat very well.

- Nylon

These are constructed similarly to polyester but are much more durable and resistant to heat.

- Poly-Cellulose

As the name suggests, these wipers are made from a non-woven blend of polyester and cellulose. This makes them very absorbent and durable, but not very heat resistant.

- Cotton

Cotton wipers are the best for high temperatures. They’re very durable and absorbent as well.

- Foam

These wipers are made from open-cell polyurethane foam. They resist solvents and don’t withstand high heat very well, but they’re very absorbent and can carry a lot of liquid.

- Composites

These come with an internal cellulose layer bonded to two polypropylene outer layers. They’re very clean and highly absorbent.ents and process will always be limited by the least compatible material.

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