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Polyester Fabric ESD Gloves
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Polyester Fabric ESD Gloves

Unsere Produkte sind die Allgemeinen Faser-Reinraum-Wischer, Sub-micro-Faser-Reinraum-Wischer und Mikro-Faser-Reinraum-Wischer. Wir liefern auch Rollenpapier, Handschuhe, finger-Kinderbett, Schuhe, Uniformen usw.
  • Cleanroom Antistatic Anti-Slip ESD Gloves
    pvc dotted palm gloves is composed of polyester and conductive yarn, the space between conductive is 10mm, with good anti-static performance.The tight needle and thread not easy to fall off, neatly cut inside, comfortable to wear without squeezing hands. The palm is perferably pvc dotted, which has a good anti-slip function to prevent slippage duri4

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